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The Greenhouse Project - Interview with Michael David by Philippe Barral

Michael David talks with Philippe Barral about the impetus behind David's embarking on The Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse Project - Overview

Overview of the entire Greenhouse Project, which relates to the historical practice of farmers using Matthew Brady's Civil War-era glass negatives to build greenhouses. Through a social network system individuals will be able to upload images to create a greenhouse reflecting the struggles of today.

Straight Coffin in a Crooked Hole

Straight Coffin in a Crooked Hole is an in-production film about the Southern artists Thornton Dial and Lonnie Holley, directed by Michael David

Sex, Death and Encaustic Painting documents Michael David's artistic process of pouring wax in three paintings. This exclusive behind-the-scenes short is a window to his art, his abstraction and his exploration with the medium... layer upon layer.

A Binder of Women

A film conceived by Michael David, directed by Maxine Hess The film, according to Hess, is "a metaphor for the various explicit and covert ways women have been and continue to be bound by male hegemony". It was exhibited in a festival in Shenyang, China

Special Dark - Music Video

Produced and co-directed by Michael David and filmmaker Charity MacDonald. From Marilyn Carino's "Little Genius" album.

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